Brand New Wholesale Mobile Phone

Cigma Trading, specializes in wholesale of new, used, locked, and unlocked phones. We specialize in selling phones in bulk to retailers and premium companies. Our services and prices are at the forefront of the telecommunications sector.

Wholesale of 14 Days Mobiles Phones

These are customer returns within first 14 days of purchase just because they didn’t like them. Phones are almost all in original box, with all accessories inside. Most phones are still under warranty. So it’s a brand new phone just the box been opened.

Wholesale of Refurbished Mobiles Phones

We also sell refurbished mobile phones of all leading brands. Our speciality is Samsung and Apple. Phones are refurbished to a high standard using original parts only and they pass our strict testing before they are offered for sale.

Wholesale of Graded Mobile Phones

Phone grading is a rating system for for mobile phones to give buyers an idea of the quality of phone they’re purchasing. The phone grade rates the cosmetic condition of the phone.

The most common phone grades are A, B, and C.

Grade A — Just like in school, an A grade is the best. A Grade means the used phone is almost like new. It shows none tovfew signs of use, and no scratches or chips.
Grade B—A Grade B means there are some light scuffs and scratches. While this means the mobile phone isn’t in mint condition, it usually helps lower the price without too much damage showing.
Grade C — With a Grade C rating, the used phone still works, but there’s a lot of evidence of wear and tear. If you’re fine with a phone that has seen better days cosmetically but could still work just fine, a C grade will save you even more.

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